Gwendolyn Woodschild

A small-town girl from the Adirondack Park in Upstate New York, Gwendolyn surrounds herself with horses, critters, family, friends, and trees. Always the avid reader, she used books to escape out of her school life and into worlds where the good guys win in the end. This led to an excessive amount of daydreaming as she lived within her imaginary worlds, which ended up evolving into her art in its many forms.

For more information about the author, please visit: Get her story, The Catch, in Hidden Magic.

Brandur had put his days of adventuring and being a Viking behind him, happily trading his ax for a fishing net. One day he returned from sea to find an unseen danger attacking his village, terrorizing his neighbors, and his beloved wife in the middle of the chaos attempting to prevent an all-out panic. Frustrated over his inability to do anything about the danger, Brandur decides he must face the hidden truth of his past and unearth his buried talents in order to save his home and loved ones. Find out what happens in Hidden Magic.


Published by Melinda Kucsera

Melinda Kucsera writes fantastic short stories, novels, and books when not being kidnapped by dragons or chased by armies of fictional creatures. (Her characters do, on occasion, rescue her.) She leaves the running of her newsletter to a cast of lovable characters who hog her inbox. Enough about her, it’s us you’re really interested in, her cast of characters. Join us every week for a new story at Over 15,000 readers have enjoyed their fight to survive and thrive as they straddle the often blurry line between fiction and reality. Let them take you on an adventure behind and between the scenes. Sign up at to experience our weekly shenanigans. Go where no book or newsletter has gone before!

2 thoughts on “Gwendolyn Woodschild

  1. Sounds like you have great books. Like the covers and excerpts. As I’m new to you I haven’t read any books but usually don’t like dark book covers. Somehow you pulled it off. Look forward to learning about your characters.


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