Hidden Magic & an Epic Giveaway!

FREE to enter! To celebrate the March 10th release of the first book in the Magic Underground trilogy of fantasy anthologies, Hidden Magic, we’re giving away an awesome fantasy-themed gift box through Rafflecopter. International entries welcome! What’s Hidden Magic about? No matter the world, life can be dangerous. Be they wizards and shamans, assassins, orContinue reading “Hidden Magic & an Epic Giveaway!”

Get transported to another world…

When you open Hidden Magic, you’ll be transported to another world where magic is hidden in many places. In “A Veil is Parted,” one of the stories in Hidden Magic, the first anthology in a trilogy of fantasy anthologies, magic hides in the doorway that leads to another world, and what is found in thatContinue reading “Get transported to another world…”

What’s in a name?

Apparently, a lot of things. Hello Readers! I’m Ran, one of the fictional characters who helps run this press. (Melinda Kucsera is the Scribe who runs this publishing press with help from her characters. That’s why I have *posting privileges.*) Anyway, a few weeks ago, I asked the subscribers of Melinda’s weekly newsletter adventures (whichContinue reading “What’s in a name?”

Get To Know…

Jessa Dimaandal from Skylark, Michigan, an award-winning poet who can’t write poetry anymore, not since what happened eighteen months ago. Below is the final verse she penned before her creative heart went dark. Find out more about Jessa and the pixie knight she meets battling for his life by grabbing your copy of Hidden Magic today! What’sContinue reading “Get To Know…”

A New Hero Rises

He’s got wings and a swift-flying mate, but they’re fighting dangerous magic with nothing but their wits and claws. If they fail, they’ll lose more than their only human friend. Adventure with Thing and Amal as they risk it all. Get all three at   magicalmayhempress.com1) Spell of Wings & Glass is in Hidden Magic2) Spell ofContinue reading “A New Hero Rises”


by Barbara Letson (Gwendolyn Woodschild is the penname of Jamie D. Woods) Jamie D. Woods spent her pre-teen years surviving local bullies by riding horses and writing high fantasy. “I might have been a little dark and twisty at a young age,” she laughs. These early pastimes have turned into passions for the effervescent author,Continue reading “Interview with GWENDOLYN WOODSCHILD”

Majanka Verstraete

Majanka Verstraete studied law and criminology, and now works as Legal Counsel. Ever since she learned how to read, she dreamt about writing books. She writes about all things supernatural, her books ranging from children’s picture books to young adult novels, all the way to new adult academy and reverse harem books. For more information,Continue reading “Majanka Verstraete”