Interview with S. WALLACE

by Barbara Letson

When asked how long they’ve been a writer, S. Wallace has this to say: “Writing? As long as I’ve known how to put words together. My first story was probably written when I was between five and seven years old.” They write primarily science fiction, “though Science-Fantasy is probably more accurate, but that conjures images of Flash Gordon which is far from my meaning; my writing is closer to Starship: Andromeda.”

Wallace’s current project is a set of three interconnected short stories for the Magic Underground trilogy of anthologies. Their stories tell of a pair of sellswords who agree to protect a caravan of pacifists through a desert filled with monsters. What makes this story different? These sellswords are a centaur and a minotaur. And they are married.

“We so rarely see RELATIONSHIP stories. I love those, as they are the most human. This is the story of two beings who love each other, who struggle together against arrows and desert wind as well as the prejudices and hatred of those they are contracted to serve. To succeed, they’ll have to put aside racial enmity and pride to work together.” The question arises: who are the real monsters? The creatures surviving in harsh desert climes, the sellswords, or the prejudiced pilgrims?

Wallace lights the room with their passion for such stories. “I never SEE those tales so I want to CREATE those tales. And I want everyone to see them too.” Their three short stories, beginning with “Six Hooves”, can be read in the Magic Underground trilogy of anthologies, now on sale. You can find Wallace at


66 stories. 22 authors.

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Published by Melinda Kucsera

Professionally I'm a project manager for IT at academic journal publisher. Physics fascinates me. I'm definitely quirky. Consider my addictions if you need proof: audio books, dark chocolate, peanut butter, baking with protein powder, walking and writing stories that all take place in a fantastical world of my own making. There's always a story line running in my head whether it's mine or someone else's (courtesy of my audio book library).

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