Stephen Wallace

Hidden magic is not just baubles buried in the earth, or swords that burst into flame with the right words, but things overlooked in plain sight. Faith is magic, belief has power and such is the magic buried in the soul. Six Hooves is tale about love and family that I was inspired to tell because of its great resonance to these things so important in my own life. So we join Al’rashal and her husband Ukjourman as they walk the path of family and faith and learn, with them, if they have the strength to see it to the end. Find out if they do. Get Hidden Magic now.

Five years ago, Al’rashal and Urkjorman made a deal, a decade of service to the Baron of Wings and he would make of them what they could not make of themselves. Now that oath has put them in service of the Wayfarers on their pilgrimage through the desert wastes to Karden. Can they protect these brave yet meek people or will sands claim the lives of the innocent and all their dreams? Find out in Hidden Magic now.


Published by Melinda Kucsera

Melinda Kucsera writes fantastic short stories, novels, and books when not being kidnapped by dragons or chased by armies of fictional creatures. (Her characters do, on occasion, rescue her.) She leaves the running of her newsletter to a cast of lovable characters who hog her inbox. Enough about her, it’s us you’re really interested in, her cast of characters. Join us every week for a new story at Over 15,000 readers have enjoyed their fight to survive and thrive as they straddle the often blurry line between fiction and reality. Let them take you on an adventure behind and between the scenes. Sign up at to experience our weekly shenanigans. Go where no book or newsletter has gone before!

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