by Barbara Letson

(Gwendolyn Woodschild is the penname of Jamie D. Woods)

Jamie D. Woods spent her pre-teen years surviving local bullies by riding horses and writing high fantasy. “I might have been a little dark and twisty at a young age,” she laughs. These early pastimes have turned into passions for the effervescent author, who still spends her free time writing science fiction and paranormal fantasy when she’s not riding.

She chose her pen name to honor the maternal side of her family with her grandmother’s first name, saying “Her death still ripples through the lives that she touched.” Also, Jamie noticed her name was ‘almost painfully generic and boring’ while ‘Woodschild’ showed her true self to be a “happy, barefoot child running through the woods”. The name suits her.

Jamie’s current project is a trio of interconnected tales which begin in a Viking village around 900 AD. “These stories follow a fisherman married to the leader of his village. While he loves ‘going Viking’ and raiding as much as his fellows, the simple work of being a fisherman on the open sea is what makes his soul truly sing. He returns to find his home destroyed and searches for the unseen forces terrorizing his village.”

These three short stories are also part of a paranormal series under the banner ‘Ghost Stalkers’, a shared setting including authors Barbara Letson and Leah W. Van Dinther. “I knew Brander’s origin story would be an excellent fit for the anthology’s theme ‘hidden magic’ because a core theme is a secretive antagonist, and the hidden source of this destruction is magical. Brander must uncover what is behind the veil of that world.”

This first story, entitled “The Catch”, will be followed by “The Rebellion” and “The Meeting”, created for the Magic Underground trilogy of anthologies, now on sale. You can find Jamie at


66 stories. 22 authors.

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